19. Stages of Thieves

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I have a love/hate relationship with Sea of Thieves. The game has been out now for over two years, and they keep coming out with new updates to add to the story, and over-all experience. Its now got plenty to do aside from the standard Gold/Skeleton/Merchant quests. Its also a gorgeous game. And you can also have pets.

But the basic game is still there, and its still a grind. Oh man is it a grind.

I’ve been enjoying the Tall Tales, and just sailing around with friends lately. Getting randomly attacked by a skeleton AI ship or two, or getting chased by a Megalodon. (Haven’t seen the Kraken up close yet…)

Sometimes the randomness of the AI can be a bit unfair. Like when you set out for the day on a sloop. Just you and a friend. And within minutes, you’re flanked by TWO skeleton ships.

My main complaint though, would be the real world players. And I know it comes with the territory, playing an online game on a server with others. But to advance your leveling in the game, you have to go on quests, to find chests and kill skeleton leaders, and then turn in your loot. And to play a full night, only to have some random players show up out of nowhere and take you out, so that your boat sinks, along with your night’s work… well, it really stings. The respawn takes long enough that you might be lucky enough to be back in time to see your boat sink. But chances are, the other players are still there, currently stealing your stuff. And they don’t let you live long enough to help lend a hand.

So yeah, sometimes the game can be frustrating enough to delete off the hard drive.

But they didn’t call it Sea of Friends…


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