25. Cillian Fu

25. Cillian Fu

The kiddo plays his fair share of games, between the iPad, Switch, and XBOX. But Boomerang Fu certainly tops the list as most-played-game.

In Boomerang Fu, you play as food. And the gameplay loop is pretty simple. You’re dropped into an arena with other food, and everyone starts with a Boomerang. Last person standing wins. Of course there are other modes, power-ups, and teams, etc. But that’s the idea. Its all very cartoony, and harmless, and a lot of fun.

But my son has somewhat of an obsessive personality, and once he starts to enjoy something, it’ll be hard to get him to separate from it. Suddenly it’s all he’s thinking about or talking about. We like to encourage his creativity, imagination and self expression, but occasionally we’ll need to step in and force a break. Not everything can be good guys and bad guys… especially with his new brother crawling and toddling around, accidentally finding himself within crosshairs.

This happened previously when he got really obsessed with BeamNG car wreck videos on YouTube… suddenly all of his Hot Wheels cars needed to crash and end up on fire.

It’s a fine line we walk between enjoyment and obsession and occasionally a cold-turkey break is needed. Suddenly the Big Bad Xbox Game Pass takes a game away, and we gotta mix it up. We really want to limit any bad behaviours or habits when he returns to daycare in a month.


In other news, it has been 6 month since my last comic, which is unacceptable in my opinion. I have some more ideas rattling around in my head so I should be churning out a few more of these pretty quick.

This comic was enjoyable to put together, and I’m happy with the cartoonier -yet still has texture – feel to it. I’ve been doing a lot of art lately over on the iRogan page but it felt good to use this tool set again.

Here’s a cleaner version, no word bubbles or frame:

I know Kung Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Expect more soon, fingers crossed.


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