As this is a comic about me, my life, and my friends, I guess a little introduction is in order.
roganName: Andrew
Alias: Rogan / iRogan

This is me. Thirty-something geek/nerd. Loves video games, movies, and comics. New baby boy, born August 2018, and has two cats with his wife. Works in a technical job, providing technical support. One of those safe union nine-to-five deals. Calm and cool for the most part, but socially awkward.

Name: Wayneillestrader
Alias: Illestrader

This is Wayne. He’s my best friend. Thirty-nearly-forty-something digital building render’r. You know, those big billboards used to advertise new buildings under construction. Yeah he makes those. Loves surfing and video games. Has a son. Also has a big heart and always means the best. Prone to drink.

crookedName: Nichole
Alias: Cro0ked

My wife. She birthed a baby boy in 2018. He’s ok, I guess. She enjoys cross-stitching and also plays the occasional game on her PC.

Name: Patrickpikey
Alias: Pikey

My brother. He’s a mechanic. Enjoys RPG type games, like Mass Effect and Final Fantasy. Like Wayne, Patrick also likes the occasional drink.

mikeName: Mike
Alias: Unknown

Mike is a cinephile. In every definition of the word. A very good friend of mine that I visit almost every weekend to watch the latest movie to hit theaters. Mike is also fond of games, owns a PS4 and VR headset. Mike also has a large collection of Pop Vinyl figurines that surpasses my own.

Name: CillianCillian
Alias: TBD

My son! Cillian. The newest member of the family. Probably future gamer. Alias TBD.




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