2. The Illestrader Krytonite


I recently picked up Overcooked to play with Nichole. The game is a cute little co-operative cooking game where you must work together in a small, sometimes very uncooperative kitchen. Either it’s split into two, or the counter tops move; there’s always something about the kitchen that’s working against the cooks getting food out on time.

Last Friday we had a group gamenight and figured it would be fun to play Overcooked in 4 players co-op. For the majority of the group it was. For one it was not.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out, which the character designs… with everything. As this comic is still in its infancy, I suspect it will adjust slightly over time, as I get comfortable with the style and routine. I’m excited though. 🙂

Be good,

1. Stranger Than Friendship


So…this is the start of a new venture. A brother website to my on-going blog and video game review site that I don’t update nearly enough as I should. Depending on how this one takes off, I don’t what I’ll do with the other.
Either way, this is going to be a weekly webcomic about myself (iRogan) and my buddy Wayne (Illestrader). It’ll be about our lives, our girlfriends, our day-to-day, and the games we play.

Wish us luck 🙂