As you can see from the comic, I don’t play well with others.

It probably comes back to my meticulous nature, but when I’m working in the home base, I have a strong urge to make it very flat, easy to navigate, with all the pods and extensions laid out precisely. However, using the deformation tool, it is really easy for someone to walk in and start modifying the land. This is not acceptable. I will bury you.

When we found the research object with our rover, we realized at that point that we both couldn’t sit in the vehicle and move the object, so one of us had to volunteer to be left behind. At the time we couldn’t have predicted how far away our home base actually was, and it was only a later realization that Illestrader was left there without the free air that came from the Rover. It was a worrisome revelation for a few minutes.

And yes, Illestrader actually trapped himself on our nearest Moon. True story.

This comic was a bit tougher to pull off as I had some issues with the stars. I was using the noise filter to make them, but I guess I used way too much for the distribution. So even though I played with the levels to get it looking good, when I flattened and saved the image, the amount of stars just came back 1000x and took over the whole sky. So I have to go back and find another way to reproduce them. Not 100% happy as I feel they could be brighter. But oh well.

Next week I should have a comic within Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, which we’ll be starting up this weekend. Super excited.


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