24. Practically Qualified Surgeon Simulator 2 is a lot of fun, but boy can it get messy when you have four uncoordinated players all trying to accomplish the same task. Pushing and pulling, bumping into one another, and knocking heads off. The game’s physics and network can get a bit wonky as well, when more people are added to the game party. The character and object models start glitching out and suddenly body parts are sliced off and bleeding on the floor. And with all physics simulator type games, Octodad and the like, the controls are not that easy to master.
The game mechanics are fun, and the campaign story is intriguing. So definitely worth a play through. In other news, we’re in October, the month of drawing. So I have 5 planned pieces for the month. You can see more on that over at irogan.ca. And then I also have my new webcomic planned, and excited to get started on. It involves my little boy, and a little game called Boomerang Fu. It’ll be fun ;). -iRogan

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