22. Domestic Hitman The Hitman games haven’t always clicked with me. I do enjoy stealth games, in the vein of Splinter Cell, or Metal Gear Solid, but I think my issue with the Hitman games is their focus on re-playability. I don’t typically replay games as a general rule. Once through, and then on to the next game. The latest Hitman trilogy, which just concluded a month or two ago, are designed with replayability as a gameplay focus. They include 6-8 levels, and then the “story” is over, but you get the most bang for your buck when you go back and replay each mission, unlocking all the different costumes and assassination challenges. I think that’s why I liked Hitman Absolution, which is arguably the most divisive title due to its design. Its focus was more on action stealth, and story. And less on the large open levels, and assassination challenges. Either way, every time a new Hitman game comes out, I tend to jump back into the series and progress a little further. I just finished Hitman again, the first in the latest trilogy, and will start progressing through 2 and then then 3, at some point. Also in other news, we’re expecting our 2nd baby boy in April. -Rogan

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