21. Sticky Note Correspondence A new comic for a New Year. Happy 2021! Hopefully it’s better than last year. I actually started this comic last year shortly after finishing the Assassin’s Creed post. I was in the drawing mood and jumped right into it. But then I moved to a new house. And preparing and executing the move took most of the month, through Christmas and into the New Year. But that’s over and done now, so its time to be productive. This comic takes place in the wonderfully weird world of Control, a game in the same universe as Alan Wake and Quantum Break. I played the game last January and really dug it, and I’ve actually been sitting on the idea for this comic since then. There’s a room in the game that is just covered in sticky notes. And there’s a collectible document that is an internal memo from the Vice Chief of Staff, J. Bozer. He’s complaining about the state of his office after his sticky notes started duplication and deems his office unusable and decides to work from home.
Now in today’s Covid-19 world, working from home is common / expected in an office environment. But I just found the room, and memo very funny. Which spawned the comic idea. Also I liked the idea of the comic being from Jesse’s (main character) perspective. The whole concept that you show up at this building and suddenly you’re the new Director in the wake of the death of the previous Director. Just because you picked up his Service Weapon. Figured I’d explore that a bit. Anyways, fun game. Stay safe. iRogan

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