Back to the video game related comics. This one taking place within the Gears universe. Illestrader and I have been playing through Gears 5 in co-op, and we have been struggling through on the Experienced difficulty settings. The franchise has always had 4 levels, Casual, Normal, Hardcore and Insane. With Gears 5, its now Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, and Insane.

We’ve been playing on Experienced and it has felt like a grind. Especially on some of the bosses. Maybe we’re getting older? Maybe it’s because we only have a few hours each week of dedicated co-op time.  And there’s no reward for punishing ourselves for this, no achievement, etc. So we dropped it down to Intermediate and its now fun again.

I’ve been re-reading a lot of older web comics like Mac Hall recently, which inspired me to work on my own. Hopefully at a little more regular pace.

I’ve stopped working on the Air to Ground web comic, and have decided to solely focus on my own projects.

Also, funny enough, this comic being #13, I lost a lot of work when my toddler turned off my computer. I had all the ink done luckily in another program, as I use both Manga Studio and PS. I had all the colour done in PS and was just working on the frames and dialogue boxes. Had finished for the day, and saved the project. And was just flattening all the layers to export a progress jpg, when my little guy turned off my computer. In the middle of the flattening process. This corrupted the PSD file and I lost all the colouring work. Unlucky #13. I was able to recreate it last night, and now we have the final product. And I will admit, it’s even better than the first pass. 😉


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